Figure: Side by side display of the ultrasound B mode image with the B mode large elastogram on the THED computer screen. Marked differences of elasticity are shown and are locatable with high precision.




THED research combines high quality real-time images with remote palpation of organs towards improved diagnosis. With a penetration depth of 13 cm, the device offers a substantial improvement in terms of range of organs that are measurable. Full field-of-view elastograms are calculated with a controlled aliasing algorithm. By such means standard non-specialized ultrasound hardware is applied and the thermal as well as the mechanical ultrasound limits are satisfied.

THED research offers one- and two-dimensional techniques for viscoelastic tissue analysis. Dedicated parameter sets were developed for the analysis of the heart and the liver. A default parameter set is available for the screening of all other organs. 

The judgment of spatial relationships is assisted by offering a semi-transparent overlay of the elastogram onto the B mode image. Using side-by-side display with the B-mode image simplifies 2D guidance and increases safety. 

The system is intended for research in the advance development of elastographical methods and devices. Based powerful features as well as a state of the art development process, THED research constitutes an ideal tool to overcome current limitations in elastography.